Plotly proposes 32 different symbols to custom the shape of you markers. There is a cheatsheet to remember which number you need !

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Hi, this is my first day with plotly. I’m trying to make a scatter3d plot where I need to plot 18 different series, with 18 different symbols. I tried to use the symbols you showed here, but I get this warning: “The shape palette can deal with a maximum of 6 discrete values because more than 6 becomes difficult to discriminate; you have 18. Consider specifying shapes manually if you must have them. ” This is what I tried: my_graph=plot_ly(database , x=~PC1 , y=~PC2, z=~PC3, type=”scatter3d”, mode=”markers” , hoverinfo=”text” , text=~Species, marker=list(symbol=~my_symbol , size=10 , color=”red” , opacity=0.7)) How can… Read more »