A Venn diagram shows all possible logical relations between several sets of data.

If we consider 3 lists of things for 3 distinct populations like in this figure, it is interesting to know how many things are common between each couple !

This figure is done with the Venn diagram package. I still don’t know how to make the area sizes proportional to the length of each list, please tell me if you do !





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Vikram S
Vikram S

I am trying the same for the four set of words, which part of the code should i change for the 4 way wen diagram.

indra kundu
indra kundu

I am too late to reply, you would have solved it. However, this can help someone else with same doubt
you will have SNP_pop_4=paste(rep(“SNP_” , 200) , sample(c(1:1000) , 200 , replace=F) , sep=””), add SNP_pop_4 while creating list x, add snp_pop_4 in category and add one more color in fill.
similarly you can do for 5 as well