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Antonio Sánchez Chinchón is mathematician and works at Telefónica, where he tries to extract value to data. He plays the cello and is learning to play the banjo as well. Antonio is the


creator of Fronkonstin, an unclassifiable blog of mathematical experiments, data science, and R programming. He lives in Madrid.



A curve generated by a simulated harmonograph. Code and details here.


A recurrence plot of Gauss error function on f(x)=sec(x). Code and results here.



A variation of Fermat’s spiral. Code and details here.



A plant-like drawing generated by a L-System. Code and details here.



A x-y scatter plot of a trigonometric function on R2. Code and details here.




A plot of a trigonometric function on complex numbers using HSV color model. Code and details here.



A modification of Hilbert’s curve in polar coordinates and polygon geometry. Code and details here.

#286 Hilbert




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