This section aims to give an overview on how to draw maps with R. Under the “map” term, I denote every types of map representation: bubble map, connection map, choropleth map, flow map… Hundreds of packages are available to

draw maps with R and it is hard to know which are the best ones. This section is divided in 3 main parts. The first describes maps done with the leaflet R library. The second shows the possibilities given by the cartography package

developped by thimothée Giraud and Nicolas Lambert. The third parts concerns more basic knowledges you may need to make maps (what is a shapefile, the rgdal library and sp objects..)

Leaflet library

Cartography library

Working with ShapeFile

The ‘Maps’ library

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Anne M
Hey there, thank for the very interesting website. I am currently searching for a graph to combine basic population structure expressed with K values percentages and geographical origins data. My point will be to overview whether genetic data and population structure is more correlated to either genotype origin or any other factors that could reveal taxonomy or yet human migration/phenotyping data…. Input ideas could be matrix with all the samples to be maps and their respective K values and maybe geographical coordinates or else. Presumably the easier will just be the name of a country that will be directly expressed… Read more »