In R, circular plots are made using the circlize library. Here is a really basic utilisation. You must understand these few steps before going further with more sophisticated charts. Circular plots are composed by several regions (8 here), each representing a level of a factor.  Always follow these 3 steps to build a circular plot:

  • Step 1: Initialize the chart with circos.initialize. Provide the factor vector, and the numeric values to use for the X axis. The circle will be split in as many zone as the number of levels present in your factor. Each region will be as long as the coresponding x axis.
  • Step2: Build the regions with circos.trackPlotRegion. You have to specify the factors once again, and tell what to use for the Y axis if needed.  (left hand side figure)
  • Step3: Add a chart in each region using for example the circos.trackPoints function. Note that you can use other type of plots (see graph #xx). (right hand side figure)

Then you can check how to custom the graph, add another track or plot links between regions!

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