The ggplot2 library allows to plot time series really efficiently with R. Let’s start by loading library and building an example dataset:

What’s important is to check that R understood that your date column is on the date format. To verify, use the str() function:

If the column is not recognized as a date, you need to convert it with the as.Date function. Here are a few examples showing how it works. Basically, you provide your column and explain to R in which format the date is provided.

This table explains how to provide the date format. It has been found on the amazing Quick-R website that gives more details.

Once your column is on the date format, ggplot will display it on a quite convenient way:

Then you can decide which format to use to write the date on the X axis:

And decide how often to write the date and add minor axis:

Two more tips: 1/ if date takes to much place: angle it. 2/ You can select a period of time giving the first and last date of the period.

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