There is a quick tutorial about how to divide a screen with the layout function. You can divide the device into as many rows and columns as you want, and specify the column-widths and the row-heights !

Let’s create random data.

Let’s say I want to divide the device in 3 parts : a huge graph on top and 2 smalls below. I give a matrix of 2 columns and 2 rows, and attribute each part for a graph. So the 2 first parts for graph number 1, and the 2 other for graph 2 and 3.

Calling results in the layout being displayed for your reference. This allows you to experiment with the parameter options and immediately get a sense of how a given layout will be rendered.

And add plots in each part of the screen


I can also custom the size of each screen! Let’s make the right part smaller:

#75_Split_screen_with_layout_3 #75_Split_screen_with_layout_4

Not what you are looking for ? Make a new search !


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