The R graph gallery could not exist without the valuable help of several people. First of all, I thank Roland B. Stark for his numerous suggestions concerning the content and the English of the website and Conor Healy for the set of logos he produced.


Roland B. Stark

I’m passionate about using statistics and behavioural economics to investigate key questions.  As a freelance consultant I serve clients in fields from health care to higher education to archaeology.

Conor Healy

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Valbonne on the French Riviera, I studied design and animation in England. I then set up my own company, through which I offer a wide range of creative services to both local and international clients.


There are many other people I would like to acknowledge:

  • Creators of the multiple libraries I used in the gallery. Awesome tools, without them R would be way different, and the gallery would not exist. Sometimes, my examples can be close from their documentation, but I always link toward their webpages.
  • R studio for all the libraries they have created + their awesome IDE I use every day.
  • R blogger for displaying some of the content of the gallery.
  • People who sent me some feedbacks / bug reports / proposition of improvement.
  • People who said me thank you! Without that I would not developp this resource…
  • Companies that have sponsored the gallery.
  • My friend Guillaume Debreu without who I would never have had the Idea to make the galleries.
  • My friend Jean-Phi for his precious advices.
  • My wife Mel Mulot who bears me even when I code by night.
  • All my english speaker friends who corrected me with patience (Lou Papéou, Annie-Rose, Cherelle, Tom, Kath, Shenfa).
  • R-bloggers for sharing my blog posts and doing an useful job for the R community.

Last but not least, all the contributors who send me graphic suggestion. A sample of them is represented on this map.



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