Hierarchical edge bundling is a data visualisation method allowing to check connections between leaves of a hierarchical network. This structure is a special kind of network. Think about a company: the CEO (origin) has several project leaders (nodes) who have

employees (leaves). Here we want to show connections between leaves. Of course we could add straight line to represent each connection, but this would result in a messy and unreadable figure. Instead, connections are curved and follow the structure of the

tree, what makes the community structure evident. Circular layout is often the most efficient way to display the leaves, but other type work. We will mainly use the ggraph library in this section, and I advise to start with this introduction.



Data format


You need at least to information for hierarchical edge bundling. First a hierarchical network data frame that gives the structure of your network. Second a connection data frame: who do you want to connect with who.

Hierarchical network data frame

Connections data frame


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the ggraph library



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