Welcome to The R Graph Gallery

Welcome to the R graph gallery! One year ago, I realised that I was tired of learning how to code R charts again and again so I decided to create a reproducible code for each of them. I ultimately designed a new R graph gallery: a website that currently provides more than 200 R graphics and explains how to generate them.

All plots are available on the All graph page. Moreover, they are orderly sorted in several sections, ranging from basics and boxplots to histograms and maps. There even is a complete section dedicated to the popular ggplot2 library and another one to interactive charts. I am also developing a data aRt section with irrelevant but beautiful charts.


You now are several hundreds of users coming to the site every day. I hope the gallery helps you with your work, allowing you to find the code you need or giving you incentive to visualise your own data. I wish to warmly thank the contributors of this blog. Feel free to contact me if you want to share a graph in the gallery or if you have comments to make!



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